"Responsible Parties" & "YOUNGSTERS!"

Welcome at the international page of "Verantwoorde Feesten" (Responsible Parties) & "YOUNGSTERS!"

We organise (school- and public) parties for youngsters in the age of 12 to 17 years with attention, tools and rules for:

*Hearing damage (& protection)
*No alcohol/smoking

Next to an educational program about these  subjects that every teen has, or gets, to deal with, we offer the youngsters tools to practice the theory during our full-fledged events with high-standard entertainment.

Due to our coöoperation with Dutch government heath-agencies & programs (I love My Ears), the Dutch Hearing Foundation (Nationale Hoorstichting), their youth platform "earcheck", Alpine Hearing Protection and the Stop Bullying NOW Foundation (Stop Pesten NU!), we offer  a place where young people can go with their questions or for help, as well in our info-stand during our events as online at the international webpages of the participating agencies and foundations. We also provide lists with important information for different countries.

Each visitor of one of our events recieves a FREE set of (best tested) Alpine Party-Plugs, earplugs WITH musicfilter, the noise level is adjusted according to the Dutch covenant "Prevention of hearing damage to the music sector") and the youngsters can make a statement against bullying in the special photo booth.
Our events are always smoke- and alcohol free, also for our staff, DJ's and artists and we provide a cool "rest-area" to give your ears the rest they need!

All of this combined with a high-level party and music/acts by populair artists that relate to our concept and take time to connect with the visitors in our info-stand and fotobooth. How cool is that? A one on one conversation with your favourite DJ/artist and take a photo together to make a statement against bullying?! 

Our goal is to create awareness by the youngsters about the topics that we pay attention to and to show them that that it is very possible to have a great party in a responsible way for everyone, regardless of their origin, religion, sexual orientation, looks, race or language.

English language links of websites where you can go for information, questions and/or for help:


Hearing loss / damage / protection:

Alcohol / smoking:

For Dutch links:


Hearing loss / damage / protection:
www.oorcheck.nl (for youngsters)

Alcohol / smoking:


Frequently Asked Questions:

We tried to make a list with FAQ about our concept  but please, feel free to contact us at any time with any questions at:

E-mail: info@verantwoordefeesten.nl
Telephone: +31 652 171 440


Q: What is the difference between "Responsible Parties" (Verantwoorde Feesten) and "YOUNGSTERS!"?
A: We started of with schoolparties only where we used the name "Responsible Parties", later we were asked to organise public parties, that's were we started to use the more catchy-name "YOUNGSTERS!".
They are both the same concept but, mostly due to available budgets, there is a big difference in the line-up (DJ's and/or artists) between school- or public-parties. 

Q: Is sound- en light equipment included?
A: Yes, we deliver the full-package incl. sound-, lightshow, special effects and visuals. All handled by professional and graduated technicians. It is also possible to deliver the concept (+DJ's/artists) only (the client provides the sound- and light equipment), but we always control the sound-level. Sometimes the location is equiped with al the needed sound- and lightequipment, in that case we make agreements with the owner or location-manager.

Q: Are DJ's/artists included?
A: We have our own dedicated and professional resident DJ's and artists, however, it is always possible to book other DJ's or artists, depending on your wishes and possibilities. We have a variety of talented and/or famous DJ's and artists in our database.

Q: How did this concept come about?
A: Founder Mitchel de Rooy (10-12-1997), aka DJ MitchL, was regularly bullied at a younger age. After becoming more known for his DJ skills the bullying became less and less. It is there where he began to pay attention to bullying during his performances and got great responces by famous DJ's who encouraged him to keep doing that. After finding out more about hearing damage en loss by many teenagers, he combined these subjects, together with NO alcohol &  NO smoking, in one concept and start spreading the word with the help of Dutch (government) Agencies, Foundations and company's. Now DJ MitchL is a true ambassador for "Stop Bullying NOW!", "I Love My Ears" and "Earth Water" , plays at every event for this concepts amongst other DJ's and artists and is a graduated event-technician and event-organiser. 

Q: What are the costs to have your concept in our school, location, sportsclub, event or city?
A: That depends on a number of things as location, number of visitors, wanted DJ's/artists, duration of the show etcetera, etcetera.
Please feel free to contact us and let us surprise you with the variety of possibilities that we have to offer for very friendly prices. We like to see, and handle, our clients as partners to create a responsible and memorable event for your teenagers!
E-mail: info@verantwoordefeesten.nl
Tel: +31 652 171 440


Find us at Social Media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/VerantwoordeFeesten  /  www.Facebook.com/Youngstersfeesten
Twitter: @VerantwFeesten

DJ MitchL (founder) with Mrs. Patricia Bolwerk, founder/director of the Dutch Foundation "Stop Pesten NU!" (Stop Bullying NOW!)

Founder DJ MitchL and Armin van Buuren, STOP BULLYING NOW!

Afrojack and DJ MitchL, STOP BULLYING NOW!

Lost Frequencies and DJ MitchL, 

YOUNGSTERS making a statement against bullying during one of our events.

Founder DJ MitchL, ambassador for I Love My Ears.

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